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"All life is vibration. You combine with what you notice or what you vibrate to."
~ Florence Scovel Shinn

Manifest Your Intentions

Joyfully Manifest your Intentions with the Use of Power Symbols.

An intentional and symbolic artist, Dawn creates her art to support others in the manifestation of their intentions and hearts desires. For thousands of years people have used symbols and colors to energize personal and spiritual power.

Dawn integrates these colors and symbols into contemporary symbolic art to support you in activating the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams. Her artwork utilizes ancient knowledge from many different culture including Feng Shui from China.

"I think of a work of art as something beautiful and as an opportunity for the beholder to create a truly joyful and fulfilling life through the use of Intentions with their artwork" ~ Dawn

She provides you with an Intentional Space Guide, an exciting step by step process to assist you in creating and activating an Intentional or Sacred Space in your home or office.

The Secret

The same ancient principles that Dawn uses to create her symbolic and intentional artwork has receive enormous publicity recently with the acclaimed book and DVD, "The Secret".

  • Dawn's intention in creating her Power Symbols series was specifically focused to support you into joyfully attracting your intentions and achieving your goals in all areas of your life... love, healthy and joy filled relationships, exuberant good health, abundance and financial freedom, expanded creativity, recognition, satisfying work, and living a peaceful joy filled life.

  • The vibration of these images which were created while Dawn was chanting the intentions into them helps you work with the law of attraction which says that like is drawn unto itself, what you focus on you create more of in your life.

  • Each original square piece of art contains symbolic calligraphy with colors that supports attributes, traits and aspirations that we all want to experience in our lives. The square shape symbolizes the soul creating permanence on the earth and the potential for achieving purpose.

  • Some of the pieces have Chinese prayer papers embedded in them; the prayer papers contain Intentions that support the message of the individual piece. These power symbols are wonderful when used alone or in multiples. You can select a combination of the symbols that reflect what you most want to manifest or attract into your life.

  • They each come with Joss paper, Chinese prayer papers on which you can write your personal Intentions and then tuck into the back of your original pieces of art.