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"I think of a work of art as something beautiful -- and as an opportunity for the beholder to create a truly joyful and fulfilling life through the use of Intentions."
~ Dawn

Intentional Art

"My vision is to joyfully create art that captures people’s imaginations, lifts their spirits, and nurtures them in their daily lives."  ~Dawn

Dawn Introduces Intentional Art.

Dawn’s creations are more than art. With a masterful blend of ancient symbols and contemporary design, the essence of Dawn’s artwork extends far beyond its vibrant imagery and intricate beauty. Each art piece is uniquely created to support you in fulfilling your intentions, desires and aspirations.

Through her insightful use of color, texture and symbolic images from many diverse cultures and beliefs systems, Dawn creates art that invites you in—to explore the possibilities— to discover a deeper sense of joy and contentment– and, above of all, to energize and activate what you most desire to manifest in your life.

"In the universe, there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link".

The Integration of Art and Intentions.

"I believe we can enrich our lives by surrounding ourselves with images and colors that reflect and support our desired inner state of being." Dawn

Placing objects of inspiration and special meaning in your home or office creates a positive, nurturing environment to enlighten your path and stir your soul. With the introduction of intentional art, Dawn brings an entirely new dimension to this endeavor.

By integrating the activating power of ancient symbols with the creation of your own personal intentions, Dawn’s work provides a breakthrough approach for realizing dramatic change in your everyday life.

The same ancient principles that Dawn uses to create her symbolic and intentional artwork has received enormous publicity recently with the acclaimed book and DVD “The Secret”. Dawn’s intention in creating her artwork is specifically focused to support you into joyfully attracting your Intentions and achieving your goals in all areas of your life–love, relationships, health, abundance, creativity, recognition, family, building essential people connections, learning easily and remembering, achieving spiritual goals of wholeness and balance, and living a peaceful joy filled life. The vibration of these images which were created while Dawn was chanting the intentions into them helps you work with the law of attraction….which says that like is drawn unto itself …what you focus … on you create more of in your life.

"All life is vibration. You combine with what you notice or what you vibrate to."
Florence Scovel Shinn