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"For thousands of years, symbols and colors have been used to represent and energize personal and spiritual power. My intention in my art is to draw upon symbols and colors from ancient sources to help people achieve their own purpose and intentions. I think of a work of art as something beautiful—and as an opportunity for the beholder to create a truly joyful and fulfilling life, through intention."  ~Dawn

Intentional Space

Creating Your Intentional Space…With Intentional Art by Dawn

There are many way to use Dawn’s artwork to activate and energize your intentions. The important thing is for you to find the way that works for you, your preferences and beliefs, as well as your daily structure and routine. Here are some ideas and techniques from Dawn for you to consider and explore. Be open and creative–find what inspires you.

1. Set your intention and choices. Spend some time thinking about what you aspire to create or bring into your life. Consider the specific areas of your life that you want to energize or enhance. As you become clear about these desires, write your own personal intentions. Next, identify the choices you want to make to realize these intentions. Your choices should be clear and short term, so that you are aware of exactly how you can begin to move forward in creating your intentions.

2. Integrating your art and your intentions. Dawn’s art pieces each contain significant symbols and images that hold powerful energy vibrations for manifesting your intentions. Using your artwork as a focal point or touchstone for activating your intentions brings greater energy flow to these important aspects of your life.

3. Claim your intentional space. Using your art as a center point, identify the specific area that you want to claim as your intentional space. Take a moment to acknowledge what a wonderful gift you are giving yourself by creating this beautiful personal space!

While the colors and textures of your art will set the tone for your intentional space, consider including other items of beauty or special significance, such as fresh flowers, stones, crystals, essential oils, meaningful symbols or keepsakes—whatever inspires you and connects you with the joyful feeling of creation. (Note: If your art is a hanging piece and you want to place additional items in your intentional space, consider placing a small table or hanging a wall shelf nearby.)

4. “Enliven” your intentional space. Place a candle in a safe container and add it to your intentional space to energize and brighten the area. Throughout history candles have represented life and energy. Your candle’s iridescent glow will heighten the creative flow around your intentions. (Never leave burning candles unattended!)

5. State your intentions out loud. Quiet your mind and center yourself with three deep cleansing breaths and continue to breathe deeply until you become centered and focused. From this calm place, state your intentions and choices out loud—knowing that by stating them verbally, you bring greater power and energy to their creation.

6. Empower your intentions with sounds, mantras and prayers. To further empower of your intentions, include other statements or sounds that increase the manifestation energy around your intentions. For example, consider doing three “OMs”, the primordial sound that was the beginning of creation and holds the truest energy of manifestation. Next, repeat a prayer or mantra—whatever has special significance and a feeling of empowerment for you—nine times to firmly set the energy.

7. Joyfully ground your intentions in the present moment. All the energy for manifesting your intentions lies in the present moment. Focus, with intensity, on having already received your intentions and choices. This magnetizes all your aspirations and desires to you. Claim your intentions with the statement: “I stand in faith that it is already accomplished with ease and grace.”

8. Feel your fulfilled intentions. Allow yourself to fully experience what it feels like to have your intentions complete in your life. As you revel in the joyful feeling this fulfillment brings, you are dramatically increasing your manifestation energy.

9. Express your gratitude. Consider for a moment all that you are grateful for and state your gratitude out loud. The sincere expression of gratitude is not only a blissful feeling, it is one of your most valuable tools for empowering your intentions.

Daily activators and energizers:

• Begin your day by focusing on your intentions and choices. Start each day in tune with having accomplished your personal intentions and choices. It is very effective to write your intentions and choices in your journal.
• Take joy breaks! Make a list of 20 things that give you joy and do at least one everyday. When you are in that space of joyous consciousness, refocus on your intentions and choices.
• Step into gratitude throughout your day. Whenever you encounter your art or intentional space, observe synchronicity, or see even the smallest indication of receiving your intention or choice, step into that place of heartfelt gratitude by simply saying “thank you, thank you, thank you”. This act of gratefulness allows you to create a more intentional way of being and is a shortcut into the powerful forces of manifestation.
• Acknowledge synchronicity. Every time you notice and acknowledge it in your life you are activating the flow of energy that materializes your intentions.
• End each day by joyfully acknowledging all that you've been grateful for that day and reaffirming your intentions. Write five things that you've been grateful for that day.