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"We can enrich our lives by surrounding ourselves with images and colors that reflect and support our desired inner state of being."
~ Dawn

Feng Shui Art

Dawn Gaskill's Feng Shui art series is a collection of nine paintings that represent the nine aspects of the classical Feng Shui Ba Gua. Each painting contains the elements, trigram, number and shape, colors and symbols of specific aspiration in our lives. Each section represents the aspirations we all share and want to manifest in our lives. These beautiful paintings are now available in hand made journals and address books as well as greeting cards and fine art prints. You can use them to activate, enhance, and manifest your dreams in the areas of your life corresponding to the powerful Ba Gua energy centers.

Activate the Energy of the Ba Gua

Wealth and Prosperity. Generating opportunities for increased income, raising money for charity, bringing fortunate blessings and an abundance of good things into your life. The dragonflies represent light, brightness and the color of transformation. The pineapples symbolize welcoming and hospitality, and invite good luck. The trigram Sun represents the wind spreading ideas and opportunities.

Fame and Reputation. Receiving more respect in your home or family, establishing yourself in a community, achieving greater fame and recognition, making the most of your potential, increasing your luck. The mythical red phoenix and nine flames bring you activity and the essence of life at its fullest. The trigram Li represents potential-your future bright and shining before you.

Love and Relationships. Being open to receive love, finding your life mate, creating positive relationships with everyone in your life, being your most loving self. Swans, who mate for life, take the center square. The trigram Kun represents nature and the lotuses symbolize transformation.

Health and Family. Honoring your place of origin, understanding the past to help you move forward, healing family (including neighbors and community) and health issues, improving your sports prowess, achieving top mental and physical condition. The green dragon is an especially powerful symbol when holding the pearl of wishes granted. The trigram Chen represents the growth of a new spring.

Wholeness. Wholeness is the center of the ba gua and is called the Tai Chi. The symbol, Yin and Yang, represents the harmony of opposites, coming into wholeness and balance, and the interdependence of masculine and feminine energy. It represents your personal healing and awareness of the necessity for change.

Creativity and Children. Living an adventurous and passionate life, overcoming creative blocks, empowering your creative endeavors, having children, leaving a legacy, improving your relationships with children, empowering your children. The mystical animal, the white tiger, represents passion, power, sensuality and motherly devotion. The trigram Tui represents joy, happiness and pleasure.

Knowledge and Self-Cultivation. Creating inner serenity and a peaceful life, increasing your ability to learn and share knowledge, enhancing self-improvement and mental health, fueling new beginnings through introspection, preparation and education. The trigram Ken represents stillness and contemplation. The white elephant symbolizes ancient power, strength, royalty and sexual energy.

Career and Life Journey. Achieving success in your career, making career changes or improvements, taking the right actions in life choice situations. The mystical black turtle symbolizes heaven and earth blessing you so that you are awakened to opportunities for progressing and enduring in your chosen field. The trigram Kan represents work that will assist you in receiving more joy from your efforts. It says that sometimes you must have the courage to go into deep water to make the most of your life journey. The water element enables your life journey to flow with ease.

Helpful People and Travel. Attracting customers, clients, business partners and associates, spiritual guides, mentors or someone wise to advise you; creating a team, network or support system; increasing your travel. The trigram Chien represents power, strength and endurance. The horse symbolizes freedom and the ability to move in the world.