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"Let the beauty you love be what you do"

~ Rumi

Meet Dawn

image Dawn Gaskill is a self taught artist living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Her gallery, Galeria Eclectica, is located in San Miguel at the Instituto Allende. As a corporate consultant to Fortune 500 companies, she traveled throughout the world and studied many cultures and discovered her passion for color, texture, symbolism and art. The symbolism, images, ancient texts and belief systems from these different cultures are the inspiration for her work.

Dawn uniquely integrates the ancient symbols with contemporary materials and scenes to blend the old with the new to depict the oneness and continuity that underlies all life. Stories within stories are layered within each piece of Dawn's mixed media artwork, bringing a fresh perspective to ancient designs and concepts.

Each piece is accompanied by a description of her inspiration and the symbolism held within the piece. She invites you to discover your own meanings as the images speak personally to each individual.

"I was blessed with a spiritual teacher who told me that while I had an enormous commitment to growing, learning and developing spiritually that I could choose those lessons coming through joy. It was a life changing moment to know that Joy was a choice and in following my joy I discovered my passion for being creative and putting my vision into the world. So I am probably the only artist who wrote a purpose statement before ever creating anything!"

Dawn's Vision Statement
"To joyfully create beautiful art, product designs and environments that capture people's imaginations, lift their spirits and nurture them in their daily lives. In a way that integrates ancient symbols from diverse cultures and belief systems into contemporary designs for use in homes and work environments that support their pursuit of personal and professional intentions so that they can accomplish their goals."

"I believe that we can enrich our lives by surrounding ourselves with images and colors that reflect and support our desired state of being."

Dawn worked as an executive in the fashion and cosmetic industries as well as a consultant to major corporations involved with strategic planning, team building and change management. In following her joy she has designed, marketed and consulted in the development of fashion accessories, clothing, home furnishings, greeting cards, jewelry and shoes. She has designed products for the Mirage, Rio, Luxor and MGM hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has created home interiors, painted murals and commissioned works of art prior to developing what she now calls Intentional Art.

Awards and Honors
  • Career Board Member of Mademoiselle magazine for twenty years.
  • Outstanding Young Women of America 1982
  • Who's Who in Finance and Industry 1983-1988
  • Who's Who in American Women 1983-1988
  • Product Design Award for "Treasures of the Earth"
  • Print Media Advertising Award for "Palette Pencils Collections"

    Philanthropic & Charitable Involvement
  • Dallas Taping for the Blind
  • Catastrophic Illness and Pain Management Counselor
  • Abused Women's Center Color and Art Therapy
  • Donation of Art for many fundraising events

    What is Intentional Art and How Can It Support You?

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